20 Wedding Day Hacks Every Couple Should Know

Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try out a few tricks to help make the day go a little smoother. We wanted to find out the best wedding hacks, so we asked a handful of event planners to share their favorite tricks of the trade with us. Grab a notepad and see what they said below:

1. Use baby wipes to remove deodorant marks or other stains on your attire.
2. Pour white wine on a red wine stain to help remove it.
3IMG_0840.JPG. Spritz hairspray (sparingly) on your veil to keep it from sticking to your face and/or wedding gown.
4. Hide a tissue or handkerchief in your bouquet wrap to have on hand for happy tears.
5. Ask your caterer to pack a to-go bag you can take at the end of the reception (so you and your spouse don’t leave feeling hungry!).
6. Print out two address labels per guest/couple you invite. Use one set of labels for the invitations and save the other for thank you notes after you receive gifts.
—Brian and Marisa Ferrell of So Eventful in Healdsburg, California

7. Use duct tape as a blotter to remove dirt from your wedding gown if it gets soiled during photos.
8. Use a fresh flower or two (borrow them from your centerpieces) to hide accidental finger marks or scrapes on your wedding cake.
9. Sprinkle unscented talcum powder in your shoes (especially high heels) to keep your feet fresh throughout the day.
10. Number the back of your RSVP cards before sending them out. Keep a corresponding list with the number for each guest you invite. If an RSVP card is returned without a name (or the handwriting is too difficult to read) you’ll know who it’s from.
11. Having an outdoor wedding? Spray bug repellent on your reception table and chair legs to keep pests away.
12. To pin a boutonniere, start from the back of the jacket lapel and insert the pin vertically into the head of the flower to keep it from becoming top heavy.
—Jean McGrury of After the Proposal Weddings & Events in Biloxi, Mississippi

1IMG_08433. Use loose face powder as a substitute for dry shampoo if you’re in a pinch.
14. Hairspray can double as static cling for long bridesmaid dresses.
15. Chill champagne quickly by filling a bucket with enough ice and water for the bottle to slush around (instead of filling it completely with ice). The cold water will chill the bottle faster than ice alone in about 5 minutes.
16. Extend the burn time of votive candles or tea lights by freezing them the night before.
17. Ask your florist if he or she would be willing to return at the end of the reception. Have them wrap up the flowers from your centerpieces/decor using butcher paper (farmer’s market style!) and give the bouquets to guests as they leave.
18. Votive candles can be used to light sparklers quickly for a send-off at the end of the night (instead of using standard lighters).
—Natasha Larsen and Sheena Kalso of The Invisible Hostess in Seattle, Washington

19. Dryer sheets can help keep bees and bugs away at outdoor weddings. Tuck them into your dress or suit, or even hide them in your centerpieces.
20. Ask members of the wedding party to take a low-dose allergy pill on the wedding day as a precaution. You never know when there could be an unexpected reaction to makeup, pollen or food.
—Shauna Karver and Nicole Schulmerich of J29 Events in Portland, Oregon

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The Knot Pro Blog

BlogPost_RealWeddingsStudyAThe Knot 2015 Real Weddings Study surveyed nearly 18,000 U.S brides and grooms married in 2015 to get you the inside scoop on the style preferences and spending habits of today’s millennial couple! Get the details:

Couples are using their smartphone more than ever. 

  •  89% use smartphones for wedding planning activities (such as researching wedding vendors).
  • 58% of couples look up wedding inspiration and manage their wedding vendor information on their mobile device.

Couples create a unique personalized experience. 

  • Since 2009, the average guest list size has decreased from 149 to 139, yet spending has increased from $194 to $237 per guest.
  • 36% of couples report having custom guest entertainment–which has more than tripled (up from 11% in 2009)!  Trending details include cigar rolling stations, wine and liquor tastings, and live dance performers.

Couples wed far from home. 

  • 49% of couples are married 200 miles or more away from where they lived at…

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Recap: The Southern Flair Bridal Affair

Check out the photos from the Southern Flair Bridal Affair held at The Charles Mack Citizen Center on Sunday Feb 28th.

See the photos here! 

Photos are courtesy of Genesis Group Photography. Thank you so much!

We also gave away over $3000 worth of door prizes! Here are a few of our excited winners!

The next Southern Flair Bridal Affair will be held at The Charles Mack Citizen Center in Mooresville on Sunday October 30th. If you are interested in being one of our awesome vendors… you can sign up to get more information when the time comes by clicking HERE!

Christine & David: Wedding Highlight Video

We love highlight videos!!!

Christine and David were married in July 2014 at The Charles Mack Citizen Center. They used Alice’s Garden for their beautiful ceremony and had their stunning reception in the Moore, Burlington, Lowrance Rooms. We love this couple’s fun personality! It truly shines through in everything they did for their wedding.

Please head over and check out New Morning Weddings . A wedding video is one of the most precious gifts you can give yourself or to your loved ones getting married. It is something that you can cherish for years and years.


Affordable Groomsmen Gifts

TEN WAYS TOdecoratewith plants (1)

Inexpensive Groomsmen Gifts

The adhering to are affordable best men presents priced in between $20 to $25.

1. Engraved vital chains, cash clips, or Zippo lighter in weights
2. Engraved watch or cuff links
3. Mugs, fired glasses, or beer steins engraved with the wedding day and location
4. Baseball caps or t-shirts embroidered with the word “Best man” as well as the date of the wedding celebration
5. Golf flasks that hold tees, divot devices, as well as ball pens
6. Tickets to sporting events, particularly to local or minor league teams
7. Tickets to flicks or half a year’s well worth of free video leasing
8. Restaurant gift certifications, health facility coupons, or other coupon that lets the groomsmen enjoy special time with pals or their partners
9. Journal registration, a publication, or CD
10. Personalized silver flasks

Alternatives to Low-cost Groomsmen Gifts

If the present suggestions enumerated above do not appeal to you, do not fret. There is no policy that claims your presents to your best men need to be substantial points. As opposed to buying inexpensive best men presents, you may prefer to do any of these:

1. Treat all your groomsmen to breakfast, lunch, or any kind of meal so long as this comes with the very least a meal before the wedding itself. Beware, nonetheless, that this thank-you gesture does not backfire. You need to meticulously check your friends’ alcohol consumption, or else, you may end up with a number of intoxicated groomsmen.

2. Offer to spend for hairstyles or shaves prior to the wedding celebration.

3. Offer to pay for your best men’s tuxedos. Usually, groomsmen pay for their very own attire. Must you decide to shoulder this expenditure yourself, a cost-effective option is leasing the tuxedos out under a team rental bundle.

When Affordable Doesn’t Cut It

If cash is a little tight, you could pick economical groomsmen presents. However what if there truly isn’t really any kind of cash to cover the price of presents? The very best point to do, in this situation, is to exuberantly say thanks to all your groomsmen in the form of a customized card, or a salute throughout the function or at the wedding event rehearsal dinner. Your best men are your good friends, and probabilities are, they likewise know simply exactly how strapped for cash you are.

Why Provide Gifts?

On your wedding event, your best men will be more than glorified visitors and picture-perfect props. They have obligations to release. Your groomsmen will certainly organize your stag party. They will certainly accompany you via tuxedo installations. On the wedding day itself, they will certainly ensure your tie is straight, or that your suit doesn’t have dust, or that you don’t deal with final jitters as well as go through a meltdown. They will also aid seat guests at the event. Such a generous show of friendship is valuable. This is why it’s necessary that you present your groomsmen with a token of your appreciation, be this in the form of economical best men presents or an innovative alternative that you have actually thought up.

Lastly, consistently keep in mind that it isn’t really what you consider that counts the most, its the idea behind today that does.

Source: Wedding Grow Charlotte

Charles Mack Citizen Center Real Wedding: Becky & Nelson Mooresville, NC

Because we have two beautiful outdoor gardens for outdoor wedding ceremonies, we don’t often get asked about putting wedding ceremonies inside of one of the banquet rooms. Sometimes inclement weather forces us to rearrange things at the last minute but at this wedding, Becky and Nelson wanted an indoor wedding ceremony. That was their plan all along. This couple put a lot of thought into the look of their ceremony and we think what they had was simply gorgeous! 

Becky & Nelson-9847

This couple chose to go with the beautiful ladder back chiavari chairs we have available for rent. They also added the black/white damask backdrop with white sway and uplighting. They added their own special fuchsia touches with the flower balls at the ends of the rows and the pink rose petals lining the aisle.

Becky & Nelson-9846

While one side of the room was for the ceremony, the couple tied the entire room together by adding black/white damask table clothes with pintuck fuchsia runners.

Becky & Nelson-0149

Congratulations Becky & Nelson. Your wedding was stunning! Thank you for choosing The Charles Mack Citizen Center!

Wedding Fail Wednesday Part 3

As I look through videos to see which ones I want to share with you guys, I’m so happy that I am not seeing The Charles Mack Citizen Center turn up on any of these videos. That must be because having your wedding at our venue in Mooresville means that the sun is always shining and everything happens according to plan…… right???

I hope you enjoy these funny clips from our last Wedding Fail Wednesday. Next week we will begin a new series of wedding videos. Stay tuned and thank’s for stopping by!


Wedding Fail Wednesday Part 2

Each Wednesday The Charles Mack Citizen Center will bring you some of the most awkward and funny wedding fail videos from around the web. Enjoy!

If you are interested in booking The Charles Mack Citizen Center as your WEDDING VENUE in Mooresville, NC, go ahead and send me an email. I can’t wait to talk to you about all of your options for your outdoor ceremony, reception hall, and cocktail hour!

Don’t forget about our upcoming bridal show on October 18th. The Southern Flair Bridal Affair is the wedding event “knot” to be missed. Get more information here: www.southernflairbride.com